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Brian Mendler Series

Topic segments:

  • Special Education from a Student’s Point of View

  • Teachable Moments

  • Mental Toughness

  • Fair vs. Equal

  • Power of Predictability

  • Worst Question to ask your Students

  • It’s all about Relationships

  • 2nd to Last Word Person

  • Prevention Phrases

  • On-a-Roll

  • 2×10 Relationship Building Strategy

  • Creative Teaching Strategies

  • Why Kids Misbehave

  • Defusing Power Struggles

  • The Teacher that Changed my Life

  • Plus many more

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Password: TB517PZ1P (Use this code to play the desired video(s))

Facilitator Guide for Brian Mendler's Video Series


(PD Credit Available)

Available courses:

  • Social-Emotional Learning, Grades 2-4: Introduce core SEL competencies to teach elem. students how to practice compassion and empathy, identify emotions, and exercise growth mindset.

  • Building Healthy Relationships, Grades 7-9: This course is intended to educate middle school students on healthy relationships, character education, and social-emotional learning.

  • Mental Health & Well-being, Grades 8-10: Introduce students to mental wellness concepts like coping strategies, stigma, emotional health, and how to find help for themselves or others.

  • Bullying Prevention, Grades 8-10: Students identify their unique talents, grow resiliency skills, and build strong connections with others to create positive school communities.

  • College & Career Readiness, Grades 9-12: Empower students to make informed, goal-oriented decisions about their futures whether preparing for higher-education or embarking on a career.

  • AlcoholEdu for High School, Grades 9-12: Alcohol consumption among young people is a growing concern, but early educational interventions have proven to greatly reduce potential for abuse. This course takes a public health approach to preventing alcohol abuse, incorporating evidence-based prevention methods to create a highly engaging user experience.

  • Rx Prevention Education, Grades 9-12: Empower students with the skills and knowledge they need to make safe and healthy decisions about prescription drugs and opioids.

  • Digital Wellness & Safety, Grades 6-9: Teach modern digital health concepts such as digital emotional intelligence, digital dependency, online privacy, and evaluating content for accuracy & perspective.

  • Hockey Scholar - Science, Grades 5-7: Science & engineering concepts come to life through the fast-paced game of hockey. Explore real world applications of STEM through sports.

  • Hockey Scholar - Math, Grades 5-7: Math & engineering concepts come to life through the fast-paced game of hockey. Explore real world applications of STEM through sports.

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