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Full Time Program Aide

Program Aides are generalists, responsible for providing educational, relational and social experiences
for preschool-aged children to foster growth and development in all developmental domains. This
position reports to the Education Manager or Program Director and works alongside the Teacher and/or
Assistant Teacher. This position assists with daily classroom management and other duties and may be
assigned to other classrooms/centers as deemed necessary for program operations.
As a frontline representative of Great Northwest, Program Aides are required to ensure the safety and
security of children and families that he/she comes into contact with and adhere to the agency’s values
and policies.

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Teacher (Headstart)

The Head Start Teacher develops and implements individual and group educational plans for preschool children,
designed to promote social-emotional, physical, and cognitive growth in a manner appropriate to their stage of
development. The Head Start Teacher provides leadership through active direction and direct involvement with
Teacher Assistants, Program Aides and Volunteers and is responsible for the general and day-to-day operations of
a Head Start classroom ensuring regulatory and legal compliance with federal, state and local regulations and
communication with parents.
The Head Start Teacher reports directly to the Program Director. The Head Start Teacher is also responsible for
creating and nurturing strong partnerships with families and ensuring that program standards, compliance, and
quality are of the highest standards.
As a front line representative of Save the Children, the Head Start Teacher is required to ensure the safety and
security of children and families that he/she comes in contact with, adhering to the agency’s values of
Accountability, Ambition, Collaborations, Creativity, and Integrity.
As a Save the Children employee who will come into contact with children on a routine basis, you are expected
to prevent child abuse in every situation by striving, through mental awareness, good practice and training to
minimize risk to children. The position must take positive steps to protect children who may be a subject of

concern and report, respond to any instance of child abuse, and promote training and awareness around all child-
safeguarding obligations.